Valentines Day - Our Love Stories

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Since Valentines Day is just one day away those of us who are married here at C Fam Sisters thought we would introduce our husbands to you and share the stories of how we met. We are beyond blessed to be married to godly men, and want other young girls to know that there are still good Christian men out there, and it is worth the wait! Hope you enjoy our love stories...

I met my sweet William when I was 15 years old and we went to the same Youth Convention in Indiana. We actually met on the volleyball court. He was 16 with a fun red sports car that he had saved for and bought himself. To be honest, ours is not a "love at first sight" tale. In fact, I admit I thought that he was incredibly immature and silly. But we became friends nonethless. Fast forward a few years and I suddenly noticed this tall, dark, and handsome dude who had come back from college grown up and not seeming so silly anymore. He was a hopeless romantic and completely swept me off my feet. I was totally not expecting this!! But I fell hard and that was that. He is my Valentine forever and always. :)


 Red Bow Dress: courtesy of Dainty Jewells | Black Ankle Boots:

 Phillip and I grew up around the same church circle…attending some of the same youth conferences and church gatherings.  Our mothers had been friends back since childhood and so our families knew each other and got together from time to time.  It wasn’t until I came to Cincinnati for college when Phillip and I really got to know each other and before long, started spending more and more time together.  Something a lot of people don’t know, is that I’m a year and nine months older than Phillip.  So during my first year of college, he was still in high school playing basketball…but it just so happened to be on the campus that I attended.  This is how we ended up seeing a lot of each other.  I had had a crush on Phillip for a while, and seeing him more and more made my feelings for him become stronger.  For a while, the age gap made me think that a relationship with Phillip would never happen, but this didn’t stop me from liking him.  I had no idea that Phillip had feelings for me as well while also having the same thoughts about our age difference.  Long after we had finally come together, Phillip told me that at the time of our uncertainty, he had grown tired of the “what if’s” and constant wondering, and thought that he might never know if he didn’t go for it.  This is something we laugh about today.  I still so clearly remember the day Phillip let me know about his feelings for me. Phillip had just left for a week long cruise and I was just going about my normal day at college, when I received a card.  The message of the card was simple but perfect, “I thought about you today and I liked it so much that I’m going to do it again tomorrow” signed, Phillip.  Before receiving this card, I was very uncertain of Phillip’s feelings.  The hard part was then having to wait a whole week before we could talk about it at all.  He got back at the beginning of February, right around Valentine’s Day, and came to visit me.  Shortly after, I told him that I had feelings for him as well.  And the rest is history.  :) Valentine’s Day has always been special for us because that was when everything started for us.


Red Coat: Michael Kors (on sale!) | Boots: DSW (on sale!) | Faux Fur Scarf: similar HERE

I met Michael for the first time at a youth convention in Indiana. I was 14 and he was 17. The funny thing is, I actually met William (Brooklyn's husband now) the first night of the convention, and he introduced me the next day to Michael. I don't remember much about meeting Michael the first time other than thinking he was cute. ;) That was in the early Fall. A few months later I was online and saw Michael's name on a social media site. I recognized his picture and we sent a few messages back and forth... He told me he was going to be at a church convention in the spring that my family usually attended. The day I arrived at the convention I walked in the door and rode up the escalator and was surprised to see Michael standing at the top. He said hi, and asked how I was doing etc... The conversation kept going and before we knew it we had been standing at the top of the escalator talking for two hours. One of my cousins walked by and raised her eyebrows up and down in the typical teenage teasing fashion. ;) The next week Michael drove 6 hours to a video shoot that my family was doing, and my dad immediately put him to work as an usher (HA!). I'm pretty sure he was trying to find out what kind of work ethic Michael had (He passed that test with flying colors). After that, it was pretty much history. Michael talked to my dad and asked if he could get to know me... After all, I was only 15 at the time... Michael ended up attending college in Cincinnati (where I lived) about six hours away from his hometown in Michigan... My dad always said, "Hmmm! I wonder why he would want to go to college here?!"... Ha! We began dating officially my senior year of highschool and not long after I just knew he was the ONE... It wasn't just his good looks or the butterfly feelings I got around him... It was his great work ethic, Christian family, and strong faith that drew me even more to him. My Mom shared with me after we were married that she had told my dad when I was 15 that she was pretty positive that Michael was the guy for me. :) I have to agree with you, Mom! I thank God every day for my husband. I have seen him blossom into an amazing Christian man over the past 10 years, and I look forward to many, many years to come! I love you, Michael!


Pink Sweater: Target | Black Skirt: JC Penney | Ankle Boots: purchased 2 seasons ago, similar HERE


  1. God bless you! You are a beautiful family. I love the outfits inspiration.

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    2. I really really REALLY love this post. SO sweet! =) دانلود آهنگ جدید

  2. What a great tribute to your men!! Love to see your outfits and how pretty you all look (and modest also)

  3. I really really REALLY love this post. SO sweet! =)

  4. precious pics... but couldn't help but think 'oh good - at least one of these dear gals was smart enough to wear a coat' :)

  5. What a fun post! So sweet and romantic. Great idea!! Thanks for sharing!!

    PS Corn, was I the cousin who raise her eyebrows at you? Lol... I feel like I remember that. #soundslikesomethingiddo haha!!

    1. Haha I think it was you AND Natalie! 😂 #whatarecousinsfor

  6. Gorgeous pics of all of you!! Loving the pics in the winter wonderland!! So romantic! Olivia's pics are gorgeous as well!!❤️

  7. Wow! Thanks for the post and encouraging words! It's great to know that its worth the wait!!!! All of your stories were so cute! Such adorable pictures and outfits! It is so wonderful to see godly women and men come together! How great to have an AWESOME photographer in the family!!!!! How do you get the background so blurred?? Thanks so much Cfam! -Grace

  8. P.S. How did you curl your hair, Courtney!??!?!?! -Grace

  9. so adorable! you girls are so pretty! love the hair!

  10. Love the sweet romantic stories:) thanks for sharing! All the girls outfits are so pretty! And the guys look nice love the girls hair too! ..looking forward to
    The hair tutorials..;) ~h

  11. Love this post!! Your outfits are pretty.

  12. Thanks for sharing these amazing stories love the photos they're awesome happy Valentine's day to you all love your family's singing

  13. Thanks for sharing these amazing stories love the photos they're awesome happy Valentine's day to you all love your family's singing

  14. Happy Valentine's Day Cfam!!!!

  15. Love all of the stories! I especially love what Phillip told Sharlenae! If a guy told me that, I would just be like "Okay, let's get married right now" lol I love Courtney's outfit!!

  16. Love their LOVE story's and how they met. Courtney, three years age difference is not that bad; if things go right I will be with my NEW wife to be next week, she is 31, I am 74. I won't go into how we met but LOVE is in the air.

  17. Hey Courtney! Thank you for your advice on lenses! Just wondering...does the 85mm zoom in and out reasonably far and can you get one for a Canon? We got a gift card for Amazon and i would like to use it on a new lens!!! Thanks!!!! -Grace

    1. The 85mm does not zoom in and out. You have to get back pretty far to take photos... It is called a prime lens since it doesn't zoom. Prime lenses are my favorite for portraits. They give you that beautiful soft, portrait feel. I personally don't prefer zoom lenses compared to prime lenses unless you are shooting scenery. Here is the 85 that I have on Amazon...

    2. Oh! Ok! I have a 50mm that is like that too! That is currently one of my favorite portrait lenses! With a prime lens I'd call photography exercise!!!!! I'm pretty sure I've been sore after a photo shoot before..ha! As weird as it sounds, I actually like macro lenses for portraits too...great backgrounds. Thanks so much, Courtney! -Grace

  18. Fun post. Thanks for sharing your stories. Courtney, I absolutely LOVED the red tunic with safari print skirt you wore for the concert at Shadow Mt last night. You're inspiring me to lose 10-15 lbs so that I could actually look good in something similar. I really love the tunics with asymmetrical ruffles. They look good on just about everyone except maybe really short women. You looked stunning.

    1. You are too sweet! Thank you! :) I am all about the cute, loose tops/tunics. Flattering on any shape! I have way too many in my closet. ;) - Courtney

  19. MAKEUP TUTORIALS PLEASE!!!!!!! You do it so beautifully! Thank you so much for this post!!!

  20. Hey, ladies! What a beautiful post about your God-written love stories! Thanks for sharing! And what gorgeous outfits, as usual! Could you maybe put up a post on hair and makeup? Your makeup is always so simple, minimal, and beautiful, and I won't even go into how much I love all y'all's hairstyles! God bless you girls and your godly husbands!

    1. Hair post is coming in a few weeks from Courtney. :)

  21. Hello, ladies! I love your blog - thank you for focusing on modest fashion! I'm curious and wanted to ask...why don't y'all wear wedding rings in your pictures? I hope that's not too personal a question!
    Thank you again for for this great blog!

  22. such a bueatiful love story, my love story started 3 years ago when i started dating with a russian girl, and still we are together now, we met online, not so romantic but if its true love does it matter?by the way i have some intersting info about russian girls you can read here, enjoy!

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