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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey there ladies! We just got back from a gorgeous 7 day cruise to Alaska. There are a lot of fun activities on the cruise that require active wear, and you ladies are always asking us where to find modest options. So, we thought we would do a shoot while we were in Sitka, Alaska, and share with you these adorable (and functional) skirted leggings from Snoga Athletics. They are a one piece skirt with attached leggings, and they are made out of the most comfortable material. The material is super similar to Under Armour products, and is extremely soft, stretchy, and comfortable. Snoga offers several different styles, colors, and lengths on their website. They are perfect for enjoying a hike, or maybe a day in the city when you will be doing a lot of walking. We are also happy to offer you 10% off until Monday, August 1st. Use the code CFAM10 when checking out at . Enjoy!

Brooklyn's Skirt: Snoga Athletics | Sneakers: Nike, similar HERE | Sweatshirt: From College Brooklyn attended 

Courtney's Skirt: Snoga Athletics | Sweatshirt: Under Armour | Sneakers: Nike | Vest: J. Crew Factory | Hat: Purchased in Alaska

Sharlenae's Skirt: Snoga Athletics | Sneakers: Adidas Neo | Hat: 

Olivia's Skirt: Snoga Athletics | Pullover Shirt: Nike, similar HERE | Sneakers: Nike


  1. Wow! Thanks for the information! You all girls look beautiful! But... aren't you cold? 😁

  2. Wow! Thanks for the information! You all girls look beautiful! But... aren't you cold? 😁

  3. Y'all look super cute! I love the skirts and leggings! I bet you had a great time in Alaska. Would LOVE to go on that cruise someday! Lol. Thanks for the post! Maybe I'll buy one of those outfits one day...�� ~h

  4. You all look soo pretty and fresh. I thought before, it was weird to have leggings under skirt coz its not really common here in the Philippines. But seeing these outfits of yours and the way you wear it..changed my thought. I don't know if we have that here. But I can still do that.. Thank you Cfam Sisters for having this passion to inspire us (all the women esp in my generation)to honor the Lord in the way we should cover and conduct ourselves. You are one of the proof that MODESTY is the highest elegance.! :D

  5. What a super neat idea! I'm trying (key word) to be, ah...a tad more athletic, and these seem like the perfect option to keep me from reverting to capris. But, I have a couple questions...

    • What sizes do you all have, if you don't mind sharing? I rather have a more fitting skirt than a baggy one, and likewise one that isn't too short—but can't quite determine from pictures on their website and Instagram which size would be best. (I'm 5'6" and usually wear smalls for the waist and mediums for the length.)

    • What is the material like? Breathable enough for summer walks or perfect for an autumn stomp through a battlefield? :)

    Thanks a bunch! Love the pictures. My grandparents are enjoying a cruise right now in Alaska, but I wish they could have been on the boat with your Southern Gospel crew. :)

    1. Hey there! All the girls are wearing size small except Courtney (the one in the vest). She is wearing size XS. She ordered a size down to get a more straight fit as well. She is 5'6" and usually a size small. The material is pretty breathable, but i would recommend getting the shorter leggings if you plan to wear them in the summer. Hope this helps :)

  6. I love these outfits! They look super comfy and practical. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. I love these! Y'all look great in them! And perfect scenery for a shoot!

  8. Hey if you don't mind, I have a question about the beautiful bouncy curls tutorial Courtney did. (I know that this has nothing to do with the athletic post...;)) about how many curls did she do? I am wanting to do my hair like that and would please like to know how many sections to split it into. Thanks so much!! ~h

  9. Cute ladies! As usual, another photography question :) ..I was taking senior pictures of my cousin recently and we were in front of water on a sunny day. I could not get the water properly was blown out! I see you took these on an overcast day but do you have any tips? Ive had this problem before! Thanks! -Grace

  10. Please tell us how Olivia did her hair in these pics! :) Love your posts, and looking forward to (hopefully) more hair tutorials in the future! <3

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