Fall Style Wish List Under $30

Friday, September 9, 2016

Hey there deal lovers! We shared an affordable fashion wish list back in the Spring, and lots of you ladies requested that we do this more often. So, today, we are excited to share with you some super adorable Fall items that we have added to our wish lists. Once again, everything is extremely affordable (under $30). Doesn't get better than that! Every item is linked below! Enjoy!

2. Black Felt Floppy Hat ($19.96) - Also available in burgundy, picked by Sharlenae

3. Gray Suede Vest ($20.00) - Picked by Brooklyn

4. Mustard Yellow Midi Skirt ($19.20) - Picked by Brooklyn

5. Burgundy Plaid Scarf ($14.70) - Picked by Courtney 

6. Medium Wash Denim Jacket ($29.99) - Also available in dark wash, picked by Courtney

7. Navy Knit Midi Dress ($26.00) - Also available in emerald green, picked by Courtney

9. Nude Color Lace-Up Flats ($19.99) - Picked by Olivia

10. Tan Colored Ankle Boots ($19.99) - Picked by Courtney

11. Maroon Wrap Cardigan ($24.97) - Available in several colors, picked by Brooklyn 

12. Green Utility Jacket ($27.90) - Picked by Sharlenae 

13. Orange Quilted Handbag ($24.99) - Also available in white, picked by Brooklyn 

14. Orange Stretchy Midi Skirt ($24.99) - Also available in blush and red, picked by Olivia 

15. Burgundy Suede Lace up Sandals ($29.85) - Picked by Sharlenae 


  1. Thanks for doing another post! My favorites are 2, 5, and 11! I would love a skin care/makeup post or a fitness post! :) -Grace

  2. Looooooooooove number9!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Looooooove so many of these!!! ��������❤️❤️ Esp 1,4,5,7,8,11. Ok...I love it all...������ thanks for doing this! ~H

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